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The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) is funding Ziyawamo Arts and Culture Music Business workshop programme and cultural day expo 2020. This is inaugural funding for the new Ziyawamo music business and cultural day expo, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring innovative and cutting-edge arts to Ziyawamo. The NCL funds for good causes have been the fixture in South African communities since 2000 and known internationally for their support of the arts.

Ziyawamo Arts and Culture (Ziyawamo) is an organization that has established itself to provide a ray of activity in the townships of Gugulethu, Nyanga, and Langa. This is the time to give room for indigenous people to be accepted not only with our beauty but also with our struggles and to walk together with non-indigenous in a spirit of unity and collaboration.

Ziyawamo Arts and Culture wish to host a music workshop on the 30th of January, followed by a Cultural day on the 31st of January 2020. It’s titled Music Business Workshop Programme & Cultural day Expo 2020. This will be the first-ever gathering of indigenous people in Guguletu Township. The event will provide a unique opportunity for participants to reinforce their
indigenous identity.

Many of the groups will blend a mixture of youth and the older generation so that the culture is passed on to the younger generation. This is non-profit event. All townships are welcome to attend at Endlovini community hall in, which is free of charge by arrangement. Daytime events include music workshops and indigenous games.


Some of the topics to be covered:

    1. Financial management
    2. Entrepreneurship
    3. Music Business Value chain (basic overview)
    4. The Digital Environment
    5. Networking etc

Venue: Endlovini Community Hall, New Crossroads (opposite Dept of Labour).

Date: 30th – 31st January 2020

Time: 08:00am until 15:00 each day.

Contact person:
Mzura Khuse (Ziyawamo arts Chairperson)
073 140 2158

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Music • Technology • Culture • Education
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